A Solution Provider Cloud Maturity Adoption Model

In the course of our work at Digital Bridge Partners with vendors and partners in the Public Cloud market, we’ve observed that most Solution Providers begin their transition to the cloud by moving through the following Solution Provider Cloud Maturity adoption stages. For each of these stages, Solution Providers have a context (noted below) that describe their current business related to the cloud.


At this point in the evolution of the overall cloud market, and in the evolution of Vendor cloud channel ecosystems, we believe that engagement and resources should be focused where they are most needed. In our minds, two stages in the maturity model represent a sweet spot for partner engagement and enablement.

1.  Moving partners from awareness to conviction with solid examples of how a cloud business model can contribute to the bottom line, and the threats of not doing so.

2.  Supporting partners by providing the infrastructure to help them develop and deliver initial pilots, including the relationships and ecosystem required to do so.

Addressing resources at these stages of the adoption process will by far have the largest impact in helping to grow the market. In future blogs we’ll talk in more about some of the ways this can be done, and about other stages and their associated needs.

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