America’s SAP User Group (ASUG) Digital Transformation Roadmap: Are You Ready for the Journey?

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ASUG’s Digital Transformation Perspective white paper does a great job charting the landscape for SAP customers seeking to understand digital drivers, transformation themes, and business model implications, while also giving recommendations on where and how to add value to avoid disruption.

The scope, depth and size of the change will be profound. No business, regardless of industry, will remain materially unchanged by the combinatorial forces of mobile, social, cloud, and analytics, and their impact on business models, business process, and people inside and outside of enterprise firewalls.

Companies must, as ASUG points out:

  1. Modernize and simplify their technology landscapes

  2. Leverage the cloud to create agility through best practices and shared services

  3. Think outside the box with design thinking and like-minded approaches to reimagine customer, value, and supply chains, business networks, etc.

  4. Re-educate the workforce to create critical competencies

However, as with any journey, in order to reach the destination, we need to know where we are, where we are going, and the steps along the way. In addition to understanding the end state, companies serious about manifesting real change must examine their organization’s state of readiness (culture, capacity, leadership, models, tools, etc.) for digital transformation.

An examination of successful companies that are making the transition highlights a number of key questions executives should consider to assess their organization’s position:

  1. Does our organization (at a board, CEO, and C-Suite level) have a clear, funded business transformation agenda?

  2. Has our company committed to a comprehensive digital strategy, which mirrors the business transformation agenda, and can serve to guide and drive a digital transformation roadmap?

  3. Is the IT department preparing to or already stepping in to drive or at least contribute to the Digital Business Innovation function which is critical to driving ideation, solution formulation, and execution?

  4. Does IT have the operating model and tools that allow for the incubation of new approaches to drive innovation?

  5. Does IT have the right end-to-end platform and model to facilitate effective digital transformation?

Naturally, one can’t answer these questions with a simple yes or no.  The answers will exist along a maturity continuum. Knowing where your enterprise and core departments like IT sit on each measure is critical for success. Once you’ve assessed your readiness, it’s essential to know the critical next steps at each level of maturity and perhaps more importantly, what benefits accrue to those who transition from one stage to the next.

Digital Bridge Partners is creating a maturity roadmap, an assessment process, and prescriptive recommendations to help SAP customers get clear on where they are, where they need to be, and how to create a discrete journey map to reach their goals.

For more information on the assessment and to participate in its development please visit us at Digital Bridge Partners.

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