Digital Strategy In Context

For many years Digital Bridge Partners has been focused on Enterprise Digital Transformation.

Our perspective is deeply rooted in looking at how “Digital” has and will create new operating and business models (in many cases new industries) and transform everything about an incumbent business. We’ve learned in the process how difficult it is for incumbents to actually make change and compete.

Our work has focused on examining the market forces, operational change, technology impact, and business model transformations required, and trying to help the organizations (Fortune 500 to start ups) understand how to operate successfully in the new environment.

Some of our past projects include:


  • Helping clients understand and respond to the challenge posed to the Yellow Pages business by then small start up firms like Yahoo and Google and what changes are required.

Publishing and Distribution

  • A range of publishers and book sellers helping them understand what the arrival of Amazon and digital content creation and distribution would do to their business

Newspaper Industry

  • Working with senior leadership at the board level to develop and craft a Digital Strategy and transform the business.


  • Helping energy vendors understand how digital platforms would change the energy production and distribution business.

Content Distribution

  • Many of the largest broadband content distribution platforms, from CDN and cable, to white-box subscription services and satellite players, helping them formulate new business and operating models.


  • Platforms developed to transform the retail supply chains based on digital technologies and drive digital transformation of the retail supply chain, leveraging a big data/managed service/recurring revenue model.

What’s consistent in this long experience?  We’ve found that only those companies with the following attitudes and structures made the digital transformation successfully:

Table Stakes

  1. Leadership at the very top

  2. Excitement about the change and a future mindset

  3. Understanding of the dynamics of the new business models

  4. Organizational digital DNA

  5. Committed financial and human resources


  1. Clarity, confidence and commitment about what it will take

  2. A directional plan that can serve as a starting point for action

  3. Awareness and understanding that the plan will evolve over time


  1. Don’t take no for an answer and keep trying and learning.

  2. Ultimately the new operating models will be built on both the learning derived from action and leveraging the benefits of the new digital ecosystem.


  1. Jump in, launch, try it – be agile.

  2. At some companies this comes as a mandate from the top, at others (often the more successful ones) it means giving freedom and resources to organic growth from the bottom up.

Are you positioned for a successful transformation?

Digital Bridge Partners


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