IT/Business Relevance

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Successful digital transformation relies on both a strong strategy for transformation and the organizational ability to drive innovation. Although digital transformation is at an early stage in many organizations, it is fundamentally changing the way value is created.

  1. Digital value creation is moving from traditional assets to value derived from information about those assets—digitally-enabled efficiencies to digitally-driven revenues.

  2. Success relies on both a strategy for business model transformation- a vision for what to do in the face of digital disruption, and the execution of effective digital business innovations- including agile, collaborative, and portfolio-based processes

  3. Increase IT’s business relevance by leveraging innovation in these four areas: Product/Market fit, Problem/Solution Fit, Efficiency, and Driving Demand

  4. IT must partner early & iterate cross-functionally by finding context for engaging with business, getting familiar with business planning elements, and creating a company-wide digital strategy

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