The Sweet Spot for CIO Focus Today

In our recent client work, we’ve developed a maturity model for innovation within digital transformation.

We feel two stages in the maturity model represent a sweet spot for CIO focus:

  1. Conviction: Solid examples of how digital transformation contributes to the bottom line, as well as the implications of doing nothing.

  2. Capability: Providing internal business partners with the infrastructure required to develop and deliver pilot projects, including both partner and technical resources.


CIOs should focus on the following questions to accelerate conviction and drive pilot project success:

  1. How can we, within the CIO organization, act as an agile catalyst of change at the micro and macro levels to bring about this transformation?

  2. Are we prioritizing the discovery of new sources of value for customers, employees, partners, suppliers, etc.?

  3. Have we identified ways that digital business innovation can drive these new value chains?

  4. Do we have a prioritized roadmap to guide the organization from current to future state?

  5. Do we have a clear sense of our gaps across talent, incentives, culture, processes, systems?

  6. How can we share the vision, roadmap and gaps across the C-suite?

In future blogs we’ll talk about successful transformations and about next steps.

If you have questions or comments, please contact us; we would enjoy talking with you.

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