Thoughts on Crossing the Chasm

Updated: Feb 19, 2020

In a recent blog post, Geoff Moore makes the case that the Crossing the Chasm Model is still relevant in the 3rd Platform, Social, Mobile, Analytics, and Cloud (SMAC) era. At Channel Cloud Consulting we agree that the Whole Product and Business Ecosystem components continue to be highly relevant.

However we believe that the dynamics of creating an offering and establishing the required go to market ecosystem have changed so profoundly that we might need to revise the way we think of and label these pillars.In today’s marketplace, the concept of a whole product has become far more complex and dynamic. The Whole Product today needs to take into account Component Services and the Platform(s) that link these services.

Take as an example Salesforce‘s Cloud SaaS offerings (Sales, Service, Marketing) which are really component services suites linked together by Platforms (Force, Heroku – now Salesforce1), a common reference architecture for application development and GTM, and associated ecosystems of third party component providers who assemble and deliver offerings through the platform.

There is a parallel shift in the complexity of downstream selling and integration activities, moving from a traditional business partner (channel) to that of an Ecosystem of Linked Service providers for whom providing a service makes them as much a vendor in their own right as a downstream selling channel.

This increase in complexity in the Whole Product and Business Partner pillars represents a fundamental shift/departure that differentiates the GTM for the SMAC era vs the client/server era.

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