vCloud Integration Manager, ‘connecting’ Services in IaaS

In our last Digital Bridge Partners post, we talked about the ‘services’ that make up IaaS arguing that Vendors, Service and Solution Providers need to get clear on how they add value in the Public Cloud.

Advancing the cause, VMware announced vCloud Integration Manager, last month which among other things helps Service Provider and Solution Providers work together. According to VMware’s Mathew Lodge, vCIM allows Serve Providers to securely delegate provisioning to resellers. In turn, the resellers can directly and immediately provision and de-provision their own customers (via the API or web GUI), without having to open tickets, send emails or make phone calls.” The key to Solution Provider engagement in driving Public Cloud is the confidence that they can sell, bill and support without appearing ‘shallow’ in the minds of their customers. Net net, they have to add value and own the customer interface. I talked about this in my post on the White Label Channel Model. vCIM is an important step forward in driving best practices between Service and Solution Providers as it establishes automated business processes that allow the Solution Provider to seamlessly manage hosted IaaS without the need for manual intervention. More importantly, it sends the message to the VAR and Integrator channel that its safe to build a line of business around hosted IaaS because Service Providers can now support and protect Solution Provider value add.


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