Who has the Biggest IaaS Business?

It’s conventional wisdom that Amazon EC2 is the 800 pound gorilla in the IaaS Business, right? Ironically, I think they have about $800 million worth of annual revenues.

Well, guess what, that’s not right. In fact it’s VMware add its ecosystem of the cloud Service Providers, who all told have well over $1 billion of annual revenue in IaaS that is the real “biggie” in this market. Okay, I get it, VMware is not really a Service Provider, but it is their hybrid cloud strategy and the vCloud reference architecture that has brought big players like Savvis, Colt, Softbank and a whole host of niche Service Providers like PeakColo, ILand, Bluelock and Tier3 to rally around the vCloud standard.

Imagine how much bigger this VMware Service Provider network's could be if VMware could get its arms around the value of building subscription vs perpetual revenues and could enable its Solution Providers (VARs) to really push the merits of the public cloud.

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