Will IT Find Relevance In The Race For Digital Transformation?

graphic fo IT-relevance-in-digital-economy

Paul Kurchina of America’s SAP Users Group (ASUG) wrote an excellent blog about Allan’s recent webinar on IT relevance, featuring four key ways IT can leverage its unique position to drive innovation and business value.

Here’s a snippet:

Success in today’s digital marketplace relies on both a vision for business model innovation and the delivery of effective digital innovations that bring agile, collaborative, and portfolio-based processes. But there’s a problem: Nearly half (45%) of companies worldwide do not consider digital transformation as a board-level concern. They would rather sit on the fence and wait for a competitor to make the first move and then emulate them. Undoubtedly, those who subscribe to this mindset are doomed to be disrupted over the coming years – and it could even bring their demise. However, the 21% of companies that do embrace an end-to-end digital strategy will perform twice as well with their digital efforts.
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